After hearing some disturbing news about the behavior of one of my grandkids, I went to God in prayer. As I was praying the Lord showed me that parent’s are lax in teaching their children to pray and honor God and as a result, they are behaving badly and acting out.

I found a prayer model on line that I worked on to be more specific and even a bit easier for children of all ages to learn. This prayer needs to be prayed with your children every day if possible.


1. Love for God
Dear God I pray that you will teach me to love you with my heart, soul, and mind and know that you are my heavenly Father.    (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

2. Love for Others
Lord teach me to love my family, friends, kids at school and all people more than I love myself.   (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

3. Wisdom
Lord show me how to make the right choices today, and every day. I pray especially that you would give me wisdom to learn my school lessons, pay attention in school and do what my teacher asks me to do without talking back or disrupting the classroom.            (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

4. Health
Lord, thank you for giving me a body that’s made in your image. I pray that you’ll help me to grow strong and healthy, by eating the right foods and getting lot’s of exercise.     (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

5. Friendship
Thank you, God, for my friend(s): _____________________. Help me to be a good friend to others.    (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

6. Character
Lord, help me to understand what’s right and what’s wrong, and help me to do what’s right, even when it’s hard. Help me to to be like Jesus. Help me to be nice to people and treat everyone with kindness.   (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

7. Thankful Heart
God, thank you for my family especially: (my mom, my dad, my brothers, sisters, grandparents). Help me to always remember to be thankful for your blessings.                 (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

8. Protection
Thank you for protecting me and my family all the time, God. Please go with us every day and keep us safe.   (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

9. Purity
Lord, help me not to look at, listen to or say bad things. Help me to stay away from music, TV shows, and people that do and say bad things that aren’t good for me.  (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

10. The Future
God, I know that you love me and have a future planned for me so I trust you to guide me and prepare me for my future.   (in Jesus’ Holy name Amen)

Father God I thank you for hearing my prayers in Jesus Holy Name….Amen



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