This is a message I shared on my Facebook page:

I am convinced that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the only true and living God.

I am convinced that God gave the world His only begotten son Yeshua/Jesus Christ to shed His precious blood and die for our sin (of Unbelief) so that we could once again have relationship with the Father in Heaven and Eternal Life.

I am convinced that God’s Word is True and gives life to those who diligently seek Him; and the lies of this world are from the devil who hates all men and is “hell bent” on destroying us.

I am convinced that if every man, woman and child would turn their eyes (attention) away from this world and look towards heaven seeking God with all of their hearts and minds that they would no longer be bound in the sin and darkness of this world.

I am convinced that you believe what the world says about you because you are not “born again”.

I am convinced that until we receive the Agape Love of Yeshua/Jesus in our hearts, we are unable to shed abroad the kind of love that men so desperately need.

I am convinced that God’s people should examine themselves “often” to see whether you are in the Faith. If nothing else it will show you how you measure up to God’s Standard.

I am convinced that God’s people must not straddle the fence, rather choose this day whom you will serve!

Well, there is so much more concerning God and His Word that I am absolutely convinced of and I try to share as often as I can. Meanwhile, ask yourself what you are convinced of or not convinced of in God’s Word and if there’s any question….ask God….He’ll show you.

Minister Glenda


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