If you follow my posts then you may have already seen my recent I’LL FOLLOW JESUS MOVEMENT campaign that ended on March 20, 2015.  I’m sorry to report that I did not reach my funding goal of selling 50 t-shirts or hoodies and so none of the folks that did make a purchase will get their t-shirt (they won’t be charged either).

The way this fundraiser works is that you set a goal of how many shirts you want to sell (my goal was 50) and if you meet or exceed your goal then the shirts are printed and shipped to the donors and I receive the money that was donated.  If you don’t make your goal the orders are not filled and no one is charged….and I get no donations.

I’m hoping that explaining the process will let you see the importance of helping me reach my goal.

This time I’m setting a goal of 25 or more t-shirts hoping that I can reach a lower goal.  Please consider making a purchase at the link provided so that I can move forward with this project:  getting cd’s printed and distributed to ministries and individuals as a tool they can use to spread the message of Jesus Christ.  This campaign ends on April 20, 2015.

Here’s the link:

God Bless You!

Minister Glenda


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