Darkness covers the earth, gross darkness covers the people!

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Every day I feel more and more uncomfortable with the world. Darkness and wickedness have increased to the  highest degree conceivable, yet from what Scripture teaches “it will increase even more”…..how can that be possible?

Why has this happened and what is the cause and who is responsible for all of this?  Well, saints, we have raised very little opposition or criticism (other than among ourselves) to the lies and wickedness that go on in the world.  We’ve allowed the very critical sense of a Holy God and a Holy people to be overshadowed by A WORLD WITHOUT SHAME.

Every day I hear from the media, from people around me (in and outside the church), from all corners of the world, that man must exercise his right to do what he wants, live the way he wants and be who and whatever he wants to be…..EACH PERSON MUST LIVE…

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