Trayvon or George….Who’s Really Guilty

I saw George Zimmerman recently, under arrest and in court charged with violence by his new girlfriend, and it made me think about my post on July 14, 2013 titled “Trayvon or George….Who’s Really Guilty?” In the last line of the post I mentioned how “there are no winners in this tragedy”….unless there is a cry out to God in Repentance. George’s life has virtually spiraled down into the pit….very sad.

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I’ve been thinking about the not guilty verdict George Zimmerman received recently. Even though he definitely killed Trayvon Martin, the jury was not convinced that George’s actions were not justified.

Many people feel a sense of defeat and anger over the outcome of this case and that is understandable.

But there is a very important lesson to be learned from this: “TAKING MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS CAN HAVE DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES”.

I believe that both George and Trayvon are guilty of this….because that is the way of the world we live in. All you have to do is look around you, people are rude and violent and everyone seems to feel it is their right to “cuss out”, beat, stab or shoot anyone for any reason….what good do these actions do? They don’t solve problems or conflict, they only create more.

Taking matters into your own hands, particularly in situations…

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