Father God, I lift up our children, those in my community, those in inner cities, those in dysfunctional families, those in every country all over the world; because they all are faced with adversity in this dark and evil world.

I take authority over the Spirit of the World, dark and wicked spirits, lying spirits, spirit of divination, spirit of whoredoms, spirit of heaviness and all spirits which take captive the children of men to destroy them.

I pray the Blood of Yeshua/Jesus Christ upon the lives of every child, that strongholds of sex, drugs, violence, spiritual darkness & bondages would be broken off of their lives; I loose the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Peace and Truth, the Spirit of Liberty and all the power of Heaven be loosed in their lives.

Father God let your Holy Spirit touch the lives of every child, youth and young person to heal them and set them free from the oppression of this dark world. Open the eyes of their understanding that they might know you and realize who they are in Yeshua/Jesus!

I lift our children up to you Yahweh because all power is in your hands and I ask these and all things in the precious name of Yeshua/Jesus Christ….Amen!

Minister Glenda



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