There Is No Fear of God In The Church

In light of ever increasing scandal and sin in “EVERY CHURCH”, I am compelled to share the following video compilation title “Fear of God Has Been Lost in the Church”.

I am convinced that the main reason that our churches have fallen so far is because there is no fear of God. I’m not making a judgment, I’m reaching a conclusion based on what I see in the Natural and in the Spirit.

Our sense of God as Holy and a Righteous Judge is directly related to whether or not we fear God. I pray these messages will provoke all of God’s children to examine their hearts and seek to know and Fear God.

Minister Glenda


4 thoughts on “There Is No Fear of God In The Church

    1. Amen Sister Paulette!
      I have listened to this message over and over in the last few days, and my spirit is stirred as well. We, the Church, must understand the severity of this condition.

      I’m praying for the Body of Christ!

      Minister Glenda

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