The last 4 years, I have worked at a Synagogue as an office assistant. It was a God-send after having to take early retirement in 2008 due to job stress and health issues. I was grateful for the peace and low stress and not having to work hard after all the years of working very hard. It was the perfect part-time job for me.

Like all things, change has come to the workplace and my employer found it necessary to change the job description and responsibilities of the job which made me unqualified for the position….Ouch! This has all just happened in the last 2 weeks, my last day of employment was August 31st.

I’d just enrolled in school at the local community college and was looking forward to working and going to school to enrich my life. To say the least, losing my job was hurtful and devastating.

My employer assured me that I’d be able to get unemployment, when I asked about it and they were giving me a “generous” separation payment of $500….not even a full 2 weeks pay! But even worse than that, my employer had me sign a legal document stating among other things, that I would take no legal action against them that might arise from this “mutual agreement”.

I signed the agreement and took the $500 because I figured, I could draw unemployment until I could find other work….NOT!!!

To my chagrin, when I went to the unemployment office and began the online process of filing a claim, a notice appeared on my computer screen stating that “you are not eligible to file a claim….” to which the claim rep who was helping us was very surprised. He had me go through the process again to try and start a claim and the same message appeared.

He then took me to his desk and pulled up a screen on his computer which showed that no money had been paid into unemployment by my employer. SHOCK AND DEVASTATION! He asked me how long I’d worked for my employer and I told him 4 years. He looked very puzzled; then he asked if my employer was a church or non-profit and I told him yes, I worked for the Jewish temple.

He then explained to me that churches, synagogues and other non-profits do not pay into unemployment. He asked if they had explained that to me and I told him no….in fact, the 2 board leaders that met with me initially, assured me that I would be able to get unemployment benefits to their knowledge, when I asked specifically if I would be able to apply. They stated emphatically that they would not oppose any attempt by me to collect unemployment.
The claims rep had the look of astonishment on his face. So I left the unemployment office in utter disbelief of what had just occurred.

So now I find myself at 59 years old, out of work and completely destitute.
If it weren’t for my faith in God to save me out of my troubles, I might lose it. I’ve worked for 40 years and have had almost no times of needing to draw unemployment or dependency on welfare.

Where is my help? My help comes from the Lord….who touches the hearts of people to reach out and give to those who are in need. I find myself in need at this hour and I’m not ashamed to ask for help, because I have a giving heart and have helped others who’ve been in need.

If anyone is able to help me in my time of need, please send what you can to me at:
Rev. Glenda Jackson – 1226A Orchard Road – Bloomington, IL 61704.

I am an ordained minister through Global Ministries and Relief, Inc. (Dr. Leon Van Rooyen founder & president) and so your donation is immediately tax deductible.

Our Father in Heaven, holy is your Name; your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. I praise your Name Lord for it is excellent in all the earth and I thank you now for your great mercy toward us your children.
You know the trouble and trials that this world brings and how people are oppressed by them. But you promise Lord, to save us out of our troubles and your Word is Faithful and True. So I ask this morning that you will touch the hearts of those who are able to give….that they would purpose in their own hearts to meet the needs of those of us who are struggling with unemployment and poverty.
Bless the hand that gives and increase their wealth so that they may be able to give even more to those who are in need.
Finally, Lord I pray that your perfect will be done in my life concerning this situation; you open and close doors and my Faith is that even though this door has closed, you will lead me to another door that will provide the provision I need for daily living and increase so that I can bless others who are in need.
I ask all these things in the matchless Name of Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ….Amen!


2 thoughts on “TIME OF TROUBLE

    1. Thank you Bro. Noel….you are so kind. I don’t want to be a bother top people, but I do believe that we in the Body of Christ must help one another.
      I’m not asking anything that I won’t do for someone else.
      God Bless you my friend!

      Minister Glenda

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