Am I Therefore Become Your Enemy, Because I Tell You The Truth?

Galatians 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:

There is an evil spirit among the Body of Christ that has hardened the hearts of many of God’s children against the Truth.

As I take a hard look at the Church and it’s “path to Righteousness”, it vexes my spirit that:

1) they are teaching that the evidence of a right relationship with God is proven by how much a person has prospered materially;

2) their unwillingness to understand and teach the importance of Apostolic Foundations and Hebraic Roots of the Christian Faith;

3) the fact that there is no sense of God in most churches and no understanding of God’s Eternal Purposes for the Church.

We are at a critical time in which the “Armageddon” that we barely hear about is approaching fast! We have to get our houses in order so that we can assuredly “prepare the way” for our “Soon Coming King”.

I and many other men and women of God have come under fire for insisting on preaching and teaching these messages….Why? We are treated like heretics who “poisoning” the minds of people and creating fear. Why?…Because to accept these Truths means to give up all of what you think and feel and desire and own….and follow God (sound like the rich young ruler?).


I see a clear correlation between what is being propagated today (with these Name It And Claim It prosperity messages) as Truth and the showdown between Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. Remember, Prophets of Baal did not know they were false prophets but when it came time to pit their gods (idols) against the One True God of Heaven….they failed miserably.

I know this is not a popular message and I’ll probably hear some flack about it, but I am constrained by the Gospel of God and Yahshua/Jesus Christ to stand firm on God’s Word and Proclaim the Truth.

The Church is too much like the world…PERIOD. We must lay down our idols and return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and take our place in God’s Eternal purpose and plan in the coming Kingdom….along with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Have we forgotten our purpose to provoke the Jews to jealousy for God and Jesus Christ? The Church HAS NOT REPLACED ISRAEL as the Chosen people!


Father Yahweh, in the magnificent name of Yahshua/Jesus Christ I pray for understanding and revelation of your Word to come to the Jews and the Gentiles concerning your Eternal Purposes and Plan for your coming Kingdom. Forgive those who know the Truth of your Word, yet withhold it from your people and who hold the Truth in unrighteousness because of selfish greed and lust after the riches of this world. Open their eyes Lord that they may see the wickedness of this world and repent of it and return to your Truths. Father, all power is in your hands and I pray that your Righteousness and Truth will break through the darkness of this world which has blinded men….even your precious people (Israel and the Church); and we will proclaim your Truths to the whole world.
I pray this and all things in Yahshua/Jesus Name….Amen


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