Greetings Bros. & Sisters:

I heard from a dear sister in the Lord today who had a dream that I and now she believes involves the Two Witnesses of God.

In her dream she heard someone at her back door. She got out of bed and looked down the hall towards the back door and it was open. Standing in the doorway were the figures of two men and she became terrified thinking that they were breaking into the house.

She ran through the house waking people up yelling for them to get out and they all ran. After a while she went back inside to see if the men were still there. The back door was open, the two men were gone but they had left a wooden “Cross” in the doorway with the words “HOLY SPIRIT” inscribed on it.

I believe that as we come closer and closer to the end-times events that are prophesied for these times, we will begin to see more and more people experiencing dreams and visions involving the “Two Witnesses of God”.

However Saints we have to know what is of God and what isn’t, this means having a Spirit of Discernment is more important than ever. We must draw closer to God in fasting and prayer so that we are not caught unaware.

Please feel free to share your dreams or visions as the Lord allows (things revealed by God are not to be shared until God allows it)!



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