As the day of the Coming of Our Lord Jesus nears, I am very concerned by the lack of urgency that event evokes from Believers (Christians).

On the contrary, most of us go about our daily lives and routines, planning and preparing for vacations, our childrens educations and retirements as if this is the be all end all of our existence!

How sad.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless celebrations of the birth and death of our Lord Jesus as Christmas and Easter come and go; then it’s back to the way we were…quietly going about our lives the same as always with no thought of Our Lord’s coming or the reward that He promises to bring with Him.  There’s no real expectation of Christ’s coming other than what we acknowledge with our mouths and in our church services….as a formality.

I believe it’s all just hype….to be honest, I don’t see anywhere Scripturally speaking that we are commanded to celebrate these days…or did I miss something.

It’s no wonder we can’t convince the world that Jesus is coming….we don’t seem to be convinced of it ourselves.

I’m very concerned because we’ve got it all wrong my brothers and sisters. Our focus and energy should be on preparing for the Lord’s return; Yes, God gave his son to die for our sins and redeem us; yes Jesus rose and ascended into heaven and is seated with the Father….yes, yes, yes these are great things, but God wants us to prepare for our soon coming King and His Kingdom.

I often hear it said that the Kingdom of God is in us….is it? If that is true, then why are we so intent on acquiring houses, cars and money  rather than advancing the message of God’s coming Kingdom.   In God’s economy (Kingdom) those are not things we will have to strive for….anyone who has prepared beforehand, will rule and reign with Jesus Christ…we’ll live in a better world than this!

I welcome your thoughts and comments on this subject.


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