Unfaithful, Unbelieving, Disloyal; the root word infidel meaning: non-believer/unbeliever….someone with no religious belief.

 It is astounding to see the growing intolerance towards any kind of religious belief, especially Christianity or any belief in or support of the God of Heaven and Jesus Christ.

 I read an article several months ago about the growing number of non-believers here in America…this isn’t a new revelation to those of us who are Believers.  Our study of the Scriptures (the Bible) has already revealed that this would occur throughout the world.

 Since the fall of Adam men have rejected God, His laws and commands, His wisdom, His Truth, His Love, His Son, His Salvation and Eternal Life in His Kingdom; even rejecting any acknowledgement of God’s existence:

 1Samuel 10:19  – But today you have rejected your God, who himself saves you from all your disasters and distress.

 Romans 1:28 – Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.

 I remember a time when a person’s word was his/her bond which is a biblical concept; people used to form agreements or contracts with a handshake or by the word of their mouths.   Breaking an oath or sworn agreement was looked upon very grievously and it brought shame to the individual and his or her family ….what happened to that? 

 I’ll tell you what happened, men fed into the lies of the enemy of our souls…. he whispered into the ears of men, “it’s no big deal if you don’t honor your agreement”; “what harm is it if you don’t keep your word this time, you’ll do it the next time” ; “you can just get a divorce”; and so time after time we go back on our word, breaking agreements and contracts…written and verbal; we’ve become comfortable with breaking our vows in business, in marriage….even vows to God Almighty!

 Not believing the Word of God; believing instead, the lies of the Devil.

  Numbers 30:2 – If a man makes a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

 Psalm 89:34 – My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.

 People of today are unfaithful to their word, unfaithful to their marriages & families, unfaithful to God, unfaithful to employers….and it is rampant in our societies.  So is it a wonder that instability surrounds us?….it’s in every area of our lives and environments, our governments, our churches, our schools…it’s everywhere.

 Infidelity/Unfaithfulness is born out of unbelief.  If you really believed in God you would be careful to keep His commandments, if you really believed in your marriage covenant you would not break it, if you really believed in your own word….you wouldn’t break a business agreement or any other agreement.

 So lets be honest, if we as individuals are unfaithful and unbelieving and the definition of an infidel is someone who is unfaithful and unbelieving….and we live in a nation that is admittedly unfaithful to and unbelieving in God….are we not a nation of infidels?

 We are no different from the children of Israel who were constantly unfaithful to God, whoring after other gods, and falling into all kinds of sin and idolatry….we are no different.   Like the children of Israel, God shows us mercy and compassion because of the remnant saints who labor among us in prayer and supplications interceding for this very sinful world just as Jesus Christ does in Heaven; if this were not true, we would be utterly destroyed.

 I was reading an excerpt from a revised manuscript (by Tony Capoccia) of the message by C.H. Spurgeon, titled “The Sin of Unbelief”.  The following excerpt was very compelling (I’ve paraphrased it) and I urge you to go onto that website to read it in its entirety:

“Unbelief is a sin that has been described as the seed of every offence; it is the leader of all evil spirits and everything that is evil and vile is rooted in it.  It is said the unbelief not only sins itself, but causes others to sin.  Unbelief is the greatest struggle that mankind faces.”

 We must examine ourselves and measure ourselves by the Word of God, then repent of the sin of unbelief.  Those of us who are in Christ, must get about the business of prayer, fasting, and consecrating ourselves to God so that our lights will increase and shine brightly in the ever increasing darkness of this world.   Let us not be counted as one who may cause our nation to become a nation of infidels….the world needs to see Christ in us and BELIEVE.

 The Sin of Unbelief by C. H. SPURGEON
This updated and revised manuscript is copyrighted ã 2000 by Tony Capoccia. All rights reserved.



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